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Motorcity – Our Approach

 OUR APPROACH     Bob Stemple, co-founder and president, Motorcity Systems The essence of our philosophy to serving the trucking industry lies in our two main lines of business: Platform and Applications. The Platform, which operates under the “TORQUE” trademark, underpins our strategy.  It facilitates the movement and availability of data.  It makes our customers’ workflow and […]

Modernizing Fleet Dispatch and Driver Communications

  In transportation, time is more than a resource; it’s currency. Every second counts and inefficiencies quickly drain profits. If you’re in the business of managing a fleet, your job may be more complicated than necessary by using outdated dispatch and driver communication systems. Motorcity Systems is here to transform how you operate. Founded in […]

Overcoming Communication Challenges in Large Fleets: A Path to Efficiency and Success

Overcoming Communication Challenges in Large Fleets A Path to Efficiency and Success Executive Summary In larger fleets, effective communication between drivers and dispatch is a critical cornerstone for success. Poor communication leads to missed delivery windows and overall operational inefficiencies. However, modern solutions are reshaping the landscape, presenting opportunities for streamlined communication. By adopting these […]

What System Integration Means for the Transportation Industry

What System Integration Means for the Transportation Industry As the transportation industry evolves, so does the need for efficient system integrations. Whether between a TMS and a telematics or messaging system, each integration plays an essential role in optimizing operations and ensuring all components in your network are working together seamlessly and providing full data […]

Instant Document Review Process Speeds Cash Flow, Ensures Driver Satisfaction

Cash is King in trucking since fuel, driver wages and other expenses must be covered long before customers pay on invoices. Minimizing days sales outstanding (DSO) — the time between completing loads  receiving payments — is therefore critical. A streamlined driver workflow that creates fast, error-free data and document management is the most effective way […]

The EDI Dilemma

The EDI Dilemma Executive summary: Motor carriers that use new cloud-based EDI platforms, such as WIRE™ from Motorcity Systems, are able to quickly onboard trading partners and exchange messages, data, and documents more efficiently than ever before. Electronic data interchange (EDI) simplifies B2B data communication, but setting up the technology inside a business is a […]

Creating a better path forward, one integration at a time

Creating a Better Path Forward – One Integration at a Time Bob Stemple, co-founder and president, Motorcity Systems   “What drives you?” This introspective question is one you might have asked yourself, or your employees, colleagues and vendors to better understand their motivations and create alignment with the goals of your organization. The question is […]

Top 6 Reasons for Motor Carriers to use a Cloud-Based Integration Platform

Top 6 Reasons for Motor Carriers to Use a Cloud-Based Integration Platform Integration roadblocks are interrupting the flow of critical information for motor carriers. These roadblocks often come from legacy transportation management system (TMS) and the time and effort associated with new system integrations. Fortunately, there is now a faster and more affordable route that […]

Improve Driver Retention with Modern Communication Tools

Driver recruitment and retention is a massive, ongoing challenge facing all leaders in the transportation industry. Last year, the United States saw a record shortage of 80,000 truck drivers and turnover rates hovered around 90%. Beyond the obvious reasons for drivers leaving (pay, long hours, incomplete training), one issue that often goes unnoticed is poor, inefficient communication. Holding […]

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