The Ultimate Guide to Tackling Technical Debt

Discover how to effectively manage your technical debt and optimize your operations.

Lean profit margins, expensive equipment and maintenance, and evolving headwinds – the trucking industry is no stranger to debt. However, one critical area of debt is often overlooked and becomes a “sunken cost” for many transportation companies.

This liability is “tech debt”, and few know how to measure or manage it. This can be a costly mistake since it is not just a “tech stack” problem, but a multi-million dollar risk for carriers.

In our new guide, “The Essential Guide for Trucking Fleets to Tackel Technical Debt” we discuss what tech debt is in the transportation industry, and how companies can effectively track, prioritize, and manage their tech debt – improving operations and long-term outcomes.

Get Your Guide

Download the guide to understand how innovations in software integrations can quickly resolve Tech Debt challenges such as:

    • Pairing new technology with legacy systems
    • Dedicating insufficient time to mounting project backlogs
    • Integrating systems between business departments
    • Connecting disparate systems from a merger or acquisition

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