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Bob Stemple, co-founder and president, Motorcity Systems

The essence of our philosophy to serving the trucking industry lies in our two main lines of business: Platform and Applications.

The Platform, which operates under the “TORQUE” trademark, underpins our strategy.  It facilitates the movement and availability of data.  It makes our customers’ workflow and integration operations streamlined and efficient.  It also creates an ecosystem of rich partnerships, simultaneously accelerating both partner product deployments and customer implementations.  It acts as a utility to the transportation and logistics industry for all asset-based carriers, shippers, brokers and the innovative systems providers that serve those consumers.

The Applications are Motorcity Systems first party apps that harness the TORQUE platform.  The applications come in two forms: Web Applications and Mobile Applications.  These applications are purpose built to serve specific needs of our customers and the industry.  Every detail is thought through with our application product group.  Special attention is focused on the user experience and minimizing technological risk to the client operations.  Our systems play a critical role in our users’ businesses, and we take the privilege of that responsibility very seriously.

Partnerships are essential to the success of our platform and our business.  The supply chain is very large and complex.  No company can create a single solution for every need. Our objective with partners is to accelerate the adoption of their technology to the user population.  A solution on its own without a platform to help deliver it is isolated and perhaps impossible for companies to integrate into their business.  With TORQUE, we allow partners to focus on their core business while facilitating the adoption of their technology – eliminating that burden for the partner and the end customer.

Another core principle that is woven into our strategy is that of user empowerment.  Each of the customers operates a unique business with a vast array of business rules and conditions.  We can best serve these customers by delivering tools to create those unique experiences themselves.  TORQUE gives the power to our customers to manage their partner integrations.  Our applications let customers imagine, create and deploy custom workflows with little need from our team.  This focus on customer autonomy and empowerment is fundamental in our customers’ ever-growing needs for technological agility.

Strategy without execution is meaningless.  Our focus on quality is unwavering.  High quality, intuitive solutions allow our engineering team to spend their time building the next great features rather than plugging holes in those of yesterday.  This dedication to quality also serves as the basis for support.  Great support is an essential customer need – but it is impossible to have with low quality products.  With great quality we enable great support: these work in unison.

The beginning and ending of our approach rely upon one thing: our team.  It is our team – our people – that allow us to serve customers, build quality solutions, foster a rich ecosystem and deliver tomorrow’s next great idea.

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