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Solar Transport Saves $1.4M Annually with Motorcity Systems

Solar Transport wanted technology that would make the job easier for everyone, especially their drivers. The right solution would need to simplify communication and driver workflows, manage the unique complexities of their industry, and introduce process guardrails to keep drivers and products safe. Solar Transport turned to Motorcity Systems. RELAY offered a unified communication system to connect drivers and dispatchers and TORQUE enabled the company to integrate its disparate systems for a seamless experience for drivers and office staff.

“Driver experience is our number one priority. Without the drivers, we’re not able to grow our business or expand to different markets."
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FirstFleet Elevates Dispatcher and Driver Experience with RELAY™

RELAY has elevated the experience of dispatchers at FirstFleet by providing visibility of driver locations, hours-of-service and other status details on a single screen. The information is presented concisely and clearly through an interface that is easy to navigate.

“We can elevate tons of micro decisions by using a tool like this to improve the quality of life for individuals on both sides of the exchange.”
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