EDI solutions for the complex needs of the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation industries.

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Cloud-based, scalable transportation management solutions.


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Faster, flexible connections to your supply chain partners.


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We are your one partner for all your integration solutions.

About Us

Founded in 2017, Motorcity Systems was started in Michigan by a group of transportation professionals with a vision for how technology in the industry should be. Unable to find exactly what we were looking for in software, we went out on our own and developed the tools we wanted.

Like our company’s namesake, Motorcity Systems was built from the ground up through hard work and grit. Our goal is to make quality software solutions that are innovative, yet simple in presentation, and integrate seamlessly with current standards, methods, and business practices.

Learn about how Wire Streamlines EDI Communication

EDI is a service that ingests digital copies of shipment-related information, such as load details, arrival and departure notifications, and invoices, and translates that information into different formats so that other services may receive and interpret the data.

Don't be frustrated with

  • Communication Errors
  • Onboarding new trading partners
  • Managing IT Infrastructure

With Wire, you’ll be able to quickly identify and respond to any errors, and easily onboard new trading partners with no maintenance of your own servers.

Streamline your EDI solution and expand your trading power today

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Our Products, Your Solutions

Motorcity Systems is changing the way carriers and shippers communicate and do business. We have one solution on the market, two in development, and we’re not stopping there. Look for more innovative and exciting products to support your business’ needs soon.