Improve Driver Communications with a Real-Time Messaging Solution

RELAY™ connects drivers and dispatch through a single, unified system that runs on your existing in-cab and mobile messaging platforms.

RELAY™, from Motorcity Systems, allows dispatchers & drivers to communicate through a single messaging platform from anywhere at any time, so drivers feel more connected to the operations happening in the office.

Bridge the After-Hours Gap

Send and receive messages with RELAY™ on any mobile device – even after hours. Dispatchers can assist drivers from anywhere at any time, and drivers feel more connected to the operations happening in the office.

Motorcity Systems – GAUGE™ is a powerful analytics platform that merges data together from multiple sources into a single application.

Be Empowered by Your Information

Driver details like current location with a clickable map, HOS status, and contact information are featured on a card that is readily available with a simple hover throughout many of the screens in RELAY.
RELAY ™, from Motorcity Systems, improves communication between drivers & dispatchers to allow the home office access to a central message board for improved organization & engagement

Stay Organized, Engaged & Focused

Drivers are organized in groups and conversations and forms are tracked on a timeline. Visual and audio cues alert dispatchers of new messages. RELAY keeps your office staff actively engaged with the drivers on the road.

Powerful and easy-to-use features

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