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Improve Driver Communications with a Real-Time Messaging Solution Customized to Your Fleet

RELAY™ connects drivers and dispatch through a single, unified system that runs on your existing in-cab and mobile messaging platforms.

RELAY™, from Motorcity Systems, allows dispatchers & drivers to communicate through a single messaging platform from anywhere at any time, so drivers feel more connected to the operations happening in the office.

Improve Connectivity & Bridge the After-Hours Gap

Send and receive messages with RELAY™ in real-time on any mobile device – even after hours. Dispatchers can assist drivers from anywhere at any time and drivers are more connected to operations happening back at the office.

Motorcity Systems – GAUGE™ is a powerful analytics platform that merges data together from multiple sources into a single application.

Be Empowered by Your Information

RELAY™ unifies messages into one searchable database. Driver details like current location with a clickable map, HOS status, and contact information are featured on a card that is readily available with a simple hover throughout many of the screens in RELAY.

RELAY ™, from Motorcity Systems, improves communication between drivers & dispatchers to allow the home office access to a central message board for improved organization & engagement

Stay Organized, Focused & Engaged

Drivers are organized in groups customized to your fleet and conversations and forms are tracked on a timeline. Visual and audio cues alert dispatchers of new messages. RELAY keeps your office staff actively engaged with the drivers on the road.

GAUGE™ , from Motorcity Systems, provides a wealth of built-in insights & reports to provide you with detailed information about your fleet’s fuel spend, driver hours/ pay, revenue & more.

Streamline Your Document Review

RELAY’s new Document Review delivers an instant feedback loop for carriers. Effectively and efficiently manage critical information and rest assured that images and information are going to the right places to keep people and systems up to date.

Powerful and easy-to-use features

Motorcity Systems provides services to implement, integrate and custom fit our software solutions to customer’s specific business requirements and technology environment – including TMS, telematics, mobile apps and other systems as required.

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