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In transportation, time is more than a resource; it’s currency. Every second counts and inefficiencies quickly drain profits. If you’re in the business of managing a fleet, your job may be more complicated than necessary by using outdated dispatch and driver communication systems.

Motorcity Systems is here to transform how you operate. Founded in 2017 by a team of seasoned transportation professionals, Motorcity Systems understands the unique challenges you face. This blog explores how Motorcity Systems’ innovative solutions can modernize your dispatch and driver communications with real-time messaging to eliminate delays, errors, and frustrations that have plagued the industry for too long.

The cornerstone of Motorcity Systems’ Communication platform is a robust integration solution that shares real-time data between major TMS platforms like TMW Suite, Truckmate, Innovative, and McLeod and a wide range of systems that include tractor/trailer telematics, ELDs, mobile workflows, and fuel cards. These integrations are made possible through Motorcity’s scalable, cloud-based TORQUE™ solution.

The TORQUE™ integration network is an ecosystem of solutions available from Motorcity Systems that improve the speed and efficiency of transportation operations. However, the primary focus today is on two components of this ecosystem, which Motorcity offers as part of its Communication platform: RELAY™, a dispatch-driver communication tool, and ROLLER, a mobile driver app.

Improving the driver experience is a primary reason fleets deploy the Motorcity Communication platform. According to a recent CCJ article, communication ranks second to pay as the most critical issue for drivers. Motorcity Systems addresses this need with real-time messaging, free from polling delays, within a modern, intuitive, efficient communication platform.

Motorcity’s Communication platform offers several key benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: The platform works with your existing TMS and in-cab or mobile driver communications systems. Motorcity eliminates the need for custom coding. Fleets can quickly leverage robust, production-tested integrations to expedite ROI.
  • Exception Management: Besides streamlining communication, Motorcity’s platform helps dispatchers work more efficiently and focus on exceptions the system flags for priority review.

RELAY™: Real-time Communication

As a cloud-based solution, RELAY™ works on multiple TMS and mobile platforms, enabling dispatchers, planners, operations managers, safety personnel, and maintenance teams to stay connected with drivers, inside and outside the cab. The platform organizes drivers into groups, which can be based on geography, driver manager, driver coach, terminal, or any other relevant field.

The system emphasizes the importance of unread messages to ensure that important communication doesn’t go unnoticed. Special avatars and banners remind dispatchers to recognize drivers on their special days, such as work anniversaries, birthdays, and Veterans Day.

The real-time nature of RELAY’s communication minimizes delays and offers drivers a seamless experience. Messages are delivered instantly, making it a mission-critical tool for fast and reliable communication.

ROLLER™ In-Cab Driver App

ROLLER™ is a companion driver app that enhances communication between drivers and the back-office teams that support them. The app enables drivers to communicate with specific departments to streamline communication flow.

Messages sent through ROLLER™ provide instant feedback on delivery and reading status, ensuring that dispatchers and drivers are aware of message reception. Additionally, drivers can scan and submit documents, expediting invoicing and payment processes.

Motorcity Systems has made the driver experience with ROLLER™ feel as natural and quick as consumer-grade messaging apps, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Beyond these features, Motorcity Systems offers various other tools and functionalities to support fleets:

  • Group Messaging: Fleets can send messages to specific groups of drivers based on their last known locations.
  • Contextual Search: Access quick information on drivers, power units, messages, forms, and documents.
  • Message Translation: Facilitates communication in drivers’ native languages.

Customers have praised the efficiency of Motorcity Systems’ communication tools, highlighting their ability to make faster decisions, prevent minor issues from escalating, and improve driver satisfaction.

Motorcity Systems recognizes that time is money in the transportation industry. Their solutions are designed to modernize dispatch and driver communications, saving valuable time and enhancing operational efficiency. Whether it’s RELAY™ for real-time communication or ROLLER™ for in-cab driver communication, the Motorcity Communication platform empowers fleets to operate more effectively and elevate the driver experience.

In the fast-paced world of transportation, Motorcity Systems is here to help maximize time and money. Schedule a demo now.

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