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Cash is King in the trucking business with fuel prices surpassing the driver shortage as the top industry concern. Bookkeeping and document management can seem mundane, but they are critical for a healthy cash flow by minimizing days sales outstanding (DSO) — the time that passes from when a load is delivered to the customer receiving an invoice. 

Maintaining a streamlined process for document management is the consistent goal for DSO. Getting documents processed correctly and efficiently has a three-fold benefit: faster billing, faster cash flow, and satisfied drivers.

There’s a better way 

All too often, documents that drivers capture using mobile apps are not immediately available for review by office personnel. It may take hours, even days, after drivers complete deliveries before a billing clerk reviews a proof-of-delivery (POD) receipt, for example.

The review process often takes place with a batch of completed orders. If a driver makes an error — like capturing the wrong document for a load — the driver may not know to correct the mistake until the next day when someone in the office has reviewed the image and given feedback.

The invoicing process often requires a review of all documents for a completed order.  If it is discovered there is a missing, incorrect, or unreadable document, it can take several days to track down the correct paperwork and rescan without the ability to instantly review documents for a load.

This delay extends DSO and frustrates drivers by asking them to do something they could have  done immediately while the documents were in hand.

Modern driver communication systems can enable a more flexible, faster approach to documentation management. Reviewing documents in real time as the driver scans them can give drivers immediate feedback on poor quality scans or missing documents rather than the typical review days after the fact.  An immediate document review and feedback loop helps drivers and internal teams reduce instances of lost or incomplete paperwork.

The new Document Review service in RELAY 

Motorcity Systems understands the need to improve documentation management processes. Our RELAY™ real-time messaging solution connects drivers and dispatch through a single, unified system. We have added a new Document Review service within RELAY that delivers an instant feedback loop for customers who want this capability.

This is how Document Review works: 

  • RELAY™ integrates with third-party driver apps and telematics systems to facilitate document image capture and map these documents into RELAY.
  • Once a document is captured, the review process is managed in RELAY by automatically sending and notifying the right department and person for review.
  • If a document is rejected, a driver is notified by a message indicating the need to rescan the document and resubmit
  • Once the review and approval processes occur, the document can go to a back-end document management or accounting system to complete payroll and invoicing. The driver receives a message at this point so they are aware it has been completed or has a pending status.

With Document Review, fleets can determine which documents require review and which can be sent through without review for the system to automate the workflow process. Each document can go to a different department to review, such as PODs for accounting and trip receipts to driver managers.

Effectively and efficiently managing critical information for the business and for drivers is more important than ever. With the new Document Review service in RELAY™, fleets and drivers have immediate assurance that images and information are going to the right places to keep people and systems up to date.

Request a demo of the RELAY messaging app today to learn more about the benefits of instant dispatcher-driver communications, visibility, and document management.

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