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Mobile Software Engineer

About Motorcity Systems

Motorcity Systems was founded in 2017 by a group of transportation professionals with a vision to build a new breed of  transportation software. Not satisfied  with the workflows,  scalability,  or connectivity  offered by existing platforms, we set out todevelop the tools our industry needs with a user experience it deserves.

Like our company’s namesake, Motorcity Systems was built from the ground up through hard work and grit. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who love a good laugh as much as we love building software that solves real problems. We are ageographically distributed team, but we work and play together with team dinners and events throughout the year.

What You’ll Do

We follow Agile development  principles, primarily the Scrum framework. We are not  a large development team and we don’t act like one – we have quick design discussions to build the best software we can, and we pivot when we learn something new thatcauses us to change direction. We attack interesting problems with a balance between building new and cool stuff and leveragingthe plethora of great libraries and frameworks that already exist. Ultimately, we take great pride in building software that worksand makes someone’s job easier, and those principles guide everything we do.

We count on our mobile software engineers to use languages and tools like the ones listed below to build usable, functional, andreliable mobile interfaces for our users. Their work enables our users to get the most out of our products, from messaging withdrivers to managing a business through advanced analytics.

  • React Native or equivalent for cross-platform mobile applications
  • Jest or equivalent for unit testing
  • e2e testing in Android Emulators and iOS simulators
  • Git or equivalent for code repositories, branching, and pull request workflows
  • Tools like CircleCI or Azure DevOps for Cl/CD pipelines

We don’t like silos of information, so while most of the work you’ll do will be limited to the mobile app itself, you will also become a more effective engineer by occasionally working in other, adjacent parts of our products. This includes:

  • User interface work using CSS and a number of Angular libraries
  • Debugging and modifying existing APls
  • Writing automated tests across the tech stack
  • Investigatingbug reports throughout our product line

What You’ve Done

Can you juggle? Have you thrown a no-hitter? Is your greatest passion in life knitting sweaters for cats? Awesome. We welcome allkinds, and we love hearing about others’ hobbies. We are a small team working in a remote startup environment, so we lovepeople with diverse experiences.

Qualified candidates will have:

  • Experience building or maintaining mobile apps
  • Experience using common front-end technologies like React or Angular
  • Experience consuming and debugging APls in a cloud environment
  • Experience working in an Agile environment to build SaaS software
  • Exposure to cloud computing platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

Especially great candidates will have:

  • Experience building native Android or iOS apps
  • Experience building cross-platform mobile experiences using technologies like React Native
  • Experience implementing and/or maintaining Cl/CD pipelines for cross-platform mobile apps
  • Experience publishing and maintaining mobile apps to the Play and App Stores
  • Experience in transportation, especially building transportation-related software

Our Pitch

With flexible, full-time remote work from the beginning, we’ve been one step ahead of this pandemic and it shows. You’ll be provided with some great equipment  to do your best work wherever  you are. Our  team meets up as frequently as possible to have some fun together and to dive deep on bigger concepts. Combine that with competitive salaries and a great 401k match, as well as an exciting mission, and we think you’ll find we’ll make your short list on opportunities worth looking into.

  • Competitive salaries
  • Equity for qualified team members
  • Flexibility of remote work
  • Holidays and competitive PTO policies
  • 100% match on the first 5% of your 401k contributions
  • Competitive Medical, Dental, Prescription, and Vision Coverage
  • Life Insurance

If you would like additional information, or to apply, email bob@motorcity.systems.

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