Don’t Get Crushed by Capacity Constraints

Clear Capacity Hurdles with Driver & Trailer-Focused Technology

Customer demand for freight capacity continues to grow, but space is still limited. Fleets have to find new ways to improve driver and asset utilization or risk losing lanes to carriers with capacity.

Driver- and trailer-focused technology could be the competitive advantage when it comes to clearing capacity and labor hurdles.

In our new guide, “Clearing Capacity Hurdles with Driver and Trailer-Focused Technology,” we discuss how fleets can utilize simple-to-use technology to retain drivers, improve driver safety, maximize trailer utilization and solve capacity and cost constraint

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Download the guide to understand how can utilize technology to:

Increase Driver Satisfaction: Eliminate delays by providing the exact location of assignments and monitoring the health of trailer components with smart sensors and trailer tracking systems.

Improve Driver Safety and Feedback: Alert drivers to risky behaviors, giving them enough time to correct the problem without negatively impacting their driving scores, with artificial intelligence-equipped camera systems.

Put Trailers in the Forefront: Gain trailer visibility to see when assets are loaded and ready for pickup or empty and available for use.

Operate More Efficiently: Detect and report percentage of cube and floor space utilized.

Share Trailer Capacity: Boost trailer utilization by renting equipment with other third-party carriers during certain periods or one-way moves.

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